Wire & Coil

Wire & Coil

TE Connectivity specialize in the design and manufacturing of wire based delivery systems, guidewires, components and tooling. The largest supplier of wire and coil products for cardiovascular and neurovascular device applications, we offer a number of complex and small profile solutions, allowing access to the most complex vasculatures of the body.

TE Capabilities

  • Distal core wire transitions for PTCA and PTA catheters including hypotube sub-assemblies
  • Wire based delivery systems for Neurovascular coil delivery
  • Guidewire components & assemblies for Cardiovascular, Neurovascular & Peripheral Vascular applications
  • Atherectomy devices
  • FFR & OCT wires
  • Vascular access sheath coiling
  • Occlusive coils
  • Cutting & steering wires
  • Mandrels & process tooling

Performance, Precision, Proprietary

We specialize in delivering high performance wires with excellent surface finishing, high tolerances and superior stress relief for greater kink resistance and exceptional torque response. We excel at delivering complex wires & coils to high precision specifications and small profile solutions to 0.001” Ø. This unique combination of performance and precision is achieved through our proprietary in-house equipment.

In addition to volume manufacturing we assist our customers at every stage of the product development process from concept development to product launch including metallurgical consulting, design for manufacturing assistance and cleanroom assembly of wire based devices to packaging and labelling.

For the fastest route to high quality wire and coil short-run prototypes in the industry, our Express service features expedited quotes, pre-stocked raw material and overnight shipping.

Materials Specifications Surface Solutions
  • Wire: 302/304V SS, Nitinol, 17-7PH, MP35N, Elgiloy, Tungsten
  • Coil: Platinum alloys, Tungsten, 302/304V SS, MP35N, Nitinol
  • Heat Treatment, shape setting
  • Straightening: 0.090" to 0.002" Ø
  • Grinding: Ø to 0.001",
    Tolerances: Ø to ± 0.0001",
    length to ± 0.020",
    taper lengths from 0.005"
  • Coils: length to 120"
  • Coating: PTFE, Parylene, Hydophilic (Angiotech/ Surmodics), Silicone.
  • Polymer Jackets: PTFE, Polyster, PU, Coloured marker bands, heatshrink & reflow
Processing Assembly Applications
  • Wire: straightening, centerless, profile & special grinding & tapering, forming & flattening, ultrasonic cleaning, passivation & polishing.
  • Coil: tapering, multi-pitch, round & flat
  • Laser & Plasma welding
  • Soldering & UV adhesives
  • Polymer/metallic handles
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Guidewires & guidewire components
  • Wire cores
  • Cutting & steering wire
  • Mandrels & tooling
  • Hypotube sub-assembly
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