Specialty Needles

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Turnkey solutions for your complex needle device

We provide a turnkey design and manufacturing service for complex specialty needle devices. We are a single source supplier from handle to tip, specializing in sophisticated needle designs.

From standard needles to sophisticated custom designs, TE Connectivity is a single source supplier for specialty needles from handle to tip.  Our products and process capabilities for metal, polymer and composite tubing, coupled with our innovative technologies and unparalleled expertise in metallurgy and polymer science makes us, a premier supply partner. Our sophisticated manufacturing processes enable a seamless manufacturing solution for your specialty needles, from handle to tip. 

Technical Capabilities

  • Size range: 7 - 26 Gauge
  • Wall Thickness: RW, TW, XTW
  • Lengths: Up to 2250 mm
  • Custom lengths, sizes & wall thickness a speciality
  • Materials: Medical grade stainless steel; Advanced alloys & exotic metals; MRI compatible materials; Polymers; Braid Reinforced; Composites; Needle tubing & wire
  • Custom specifications available

Process Capabilities

  • Grinding
  • Laser Processing - Cutting, Welding, Marking
  • Burr Free cutting
  • Laser Welding & MicroWelding
  • Micromachining
  • Injection & Insert molding
  • Coating
  • Swaging
  • Brazing
  • Forming/Bending
  • Electropolishing
  • Electro Chemical Marking
  • Bead/Sand Blasting
  • Cleaning
  • Testing
  • 3-D Rapid Prototyping & SLA
  • Laser marking - metals & polymers
  • Polymer Overjackets
  • Internal Lumen Liners

Javelin Advanced Needle Alloy

JavelinTM is a high performance alloy for specialty needle applications that enables better surgical outcomes. The alloy is optimized for longer needles that must navigate long and complex anatomical paths or needles that sample difficult tissue types such as those with a dense mass. Javelin features:


  • Excellent shape set resilience - up to 95% improvement
  • Greater material hardness - up to 35% harder
  • High column strength - up to 35% higher
  • Superior resistance to damage