Street & Urban Lighting solutions

Our connectivity solutions reduce the complexity of LED streetlight architecture, allowing you to speed your time to market, reduce applied costs, simplify integration, and improve assembly efficiency.

Lighting with Street-Smarts

We're seeing an ever-important increase in smarter street & urban lighting which is driving lower maintenance costs, and more importantly, reducing energy usage. Connected LED luminaires are saving cost while improving safety and security for local communities, and as smarter applications and data analysis capabilities are introduced, you'll need the components to stay ahead. Partnering with TE you'll find a one-stop-shop for thousands of part numbers and extensive portfolio of customized interconnect solutions such as street light control interfaces, sensors, power and data connectors, relays, powerline filters, and labels.

When thinking about smarter lighting,  consider your new designs as well as those already standing in the field. TE's products help you integrate or replace products in fixtures and assemblies to improve manufacturing and speed your time to market, with low-profile, easy-to-install receptacles and termination products.

TE leverages cross-industry engineering experience to enable  the rapid adoption of connected LED street lighting controls. Our products reduce time to market, complexity, and costs by facilitating compact, manufacturable,
field-upgradeable solutions.

Our flexible solutions for interconnect applications reliably transmit power  and integrate components in modern LED streetlights. We offer low-profile interconnects, in surface mount and through-hole board mount configurations as well as panel mount and free hanging wire to wire versions that are designed to enable faster and more efficient connections.

We offer a broad selection of user-friendly interconnects designed to reliably connect to your driver with board-to-board or wire-to-board options, our interconnects deliver design flexibility and ease of use.

While LEDs offer design freedom, durability and energy savings,  While LEDs offer design freedom, durability and energy savings, they require robust surge protection against overvoltage from lighting strikes and switching-related voltage spikes. We manufacture DIN-compliant pole-mount fuse boxes designed to be a single source of surge protection for the next generation of street lighting networks.

Our solutions to wire management include identification & labeling products, terminal blocks, cable glands and more to help solve for ease of installation, time savings and low-profile needs in the field.