HVAC Application Page Update


New UL approval certifies the relay series as safe for use with A2L

TE secures HVAC manufacturers can meet new requirements for eco-friendly equipment.

Components to stay ahead

As innovative technologies are enabling systems to run more efficiently and at lower cost, you will need the components to stay ahead. TE can help advance your designs with component compatibility, speedier development cycles, and quick-to-install products for a reliable and industry-proven solution. Connect with us today to see how we can help you with your heating ventilation and air conditioning designs.

Do you ever wonder what really happens when the heat or air conditioning turns on? The function of the control system is to reach the target temperature or state, based on what you set on your thermostat. This requires transmission of signal, powerful connections, and many more in order to bring you heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Auxiliary controls in HVAC units provides a support function to keep the system running at optimal efficiency and safety levels, keeping the unit stable and the building comfortable per the set internal temperature. As systems become smarter, more energy efficient, and able to run for longer durations, having the products to continue enabling these innovations will become increasingly important.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems are responsible for keeping your internal environments comfortable, which is in part, enabled by environmental sensing. To regulate the internal temperature, environmental sensing functions require continuous use and readiness - requiring products that must adapt to different power usage levels and last for long durations.

As wireless connectivity and ethernet continue to grow in HVAC equipment with the movement towards cloud-based systems, wireless control of your building's internal environment will grow much more convenient and time efficient. Read more below to see how TE's Antenna, Switch, Connector, Labeling products and more can help enable your wireless control designs.

TE’s products for Field Wiring applications in HVAC systems can help ease installation and provide a lasting connection that counts. Read more below to see how our products can provide you with the design flexibility and product durability you are looking for.

There are a great deal of products to consider when designing HVAC systems and internal components. If you're considering additional products, look no further - see below for more TE products that can be used in HVAC designs.