Safety & Security Solutions for Intelligent Buildings


Safe and Secure Building Solutions

TE's connectivity solutions for safety & security applications provide you with a better connection for enhanced communication, simpler product design, and faster time to market.

Innovation in safety & security

TE's here to help you with designing your Safety and Security applications. With our myriad of electromechanical and electronic products to help solve design challenges and run for long durations, our engineers are more than equipped to help you. Read more below to learn more about how our products are enabling innovation trends in intelligent buildings.

Fire systems have a need for circuit protection, due to fault conditions experienced in these applications, as well as safety requirements. Possible faults include short circuits in the sensor lines or overheating of the battery. Our products below are recommended for protecting these systems. When choosing protection devices, it is also important to consider the different currents and what is needed to meet the requirements of UL864.

A typical security surveillance system comprises a camera, DVR/NVR storage products, various transmission products and other components. The system transmits video signals within a closed loop by means of fiber-optic or coaxial cable, or by microwave wireless, forming a complete and independent system, from camera to image display and to the recording unit. Because security monitoring is typically implemented in harsh environments, you need to protect against damage from adverse events, such as surges and short-circuit faults in the power supply.

An access system is made up of an access controller, card reader, electric control lock, transmission components and other parts. The access system you design is meant to secure the safety of personnel and property and should, therefore, be highly reliable and able to withstand harsh environments, lightning, and other events that can harm the system.

Theft Detection devices in buildings around the world are critically important in containing and keeping safe your company's assets. These devices are getting smaller and smarter, requiring the means for effective components that meet your design requirements. Read more below to see how TE can help your designs today.

Buildings need to be safe and secure at all times. Intrusion Detection devices can ensure constant security even at times when no one is around. What these devices require are signal, output, interconnects, and other products that can ensure efficiently-run and long-lasting devices that can keep your environments secure.

Networking Systems allow for consistent communication between devices in buildings, and when dealing with safety and security, these network systems are critically important. As your systems continue to get smarter, they will help even more with keeping your systems online and increasing security intelligence. Our Ethernet, Communications, and Power Entry products can help enable these trends and we're ready to help.