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Efficiency, reliability and adaptability.

TE Connectivity (TE) focuses on offering energy solutions through its comprehensive product lineup. With our proven track record of dependability, we are a trusted partner for solutions in the Energy Industry.

Through our historic Raychem, SIMEL and Bowthorpe EMP product lines, TE has built a reputation as a leader in the field of energy solutions. Throughout our 60 years of industry experience we have pioneered technologies, made advancements in materials science and supplied innovative products that support power generation, transmission and distribution. Our focus on energy has driven our commitment to research and development as well as rigorous testing to guarantee the reliability and the efficiency of our products. Above all, our commitment to developing lasting partnerships with the customers we serve, and dedicating energy to ensuring that projects meet both technical and human requirements will power our next 60 years of service and beyond.

  1. New Trends in the Energy Market (English)

Urbanization, green energy development, rising need for grid reliability and shifting from overhead to underground are the growing trends in the energy market. TE Connectivity understands these changes and is willing to support you in your challenges.


TE expresses its energy focus into real-world connectivity through the verified track record of its reliable performance, outstanding technical expertise and advanced materials. We offer our partners an industry-dominant product portfolio and end-to-end support. This way, it enables power to flow in various industries and applications throughout the world. These applications and industries include:

  1. Solutions for the Energy Market (English)

At TE Connectivity, we know power grid market players need an innovative and reliable partner to help them solving their challenges. Leif Wiebking, Ph.D, the Energy Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, explains what makes TE the right partner.

Cable Accessories, Connectors and Fittings, Insulation and Protection

We work with customers around the globe to develop, install and maintain customized innovative solutions that include a wide range of cable accessories, connectors and fittings and insulation and protection products.

Designed to withstand environmental extremes and high pollution levels over long operating lifetimes, our Cable Accessories products maintain reliable service.

As a leader in innovation, we also offer a wide range of Connector and Fitting solutions composed of high quality and easy-to-install products using the best technologies.

Our Insulation and Protection portfolio has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality, service and technical expertise for an array of applications in power networks.

Easy to install - installs quickly and often don't require any special tools, minimizing potential error.

Range-Taking - allows for usage in a wide range of applications, cable types and sizes.

Built for harsh environments

Built for Harsh Environments - designed to withstand environmental extremes and operate reliably for decades.

TE’s position as a leader in the power distribution industry has been built upon a legacy that is equal parts performance and service. We believe that the success of any project hinges on a partnership that begins in the early stages of design, and is supported through the lifetime of the application. That belief is exemplified by our areas of focus:



Over the last 60 years, TE pioneered many of the technologies that have become the industry standard for ensuring the reliable distribution of power.  Today, we use that specialized knowledge and decades of experience to develop solutions that match the right products for the application environment to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Every customer and every design challenge is unique. TE’s industry-specific experience means it’s likely that we have seen a similar challenge before, but it’s our desire to work alongside our customers that makes the world’s best utilities rely on us. From initial designs to through installation, TE stands with its customers through the toughest challenges to yield great successes.

Harsh Environments

The demand for reliability and efficiency in power distribution does not change with the environment. That’s why TE has spent decades continually developing and testing new materials to ensure that its products can withstand the harshest conditions, and offer the longest life in the most rugged conditions on earth.  

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