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Case Study

High Voltage Cable Accessories Innovation

We supported a European utility to connect different cable types and sizes in a short time period while keeping the power on.

TE Offers Products that Keep the Power Flowing.

TE engineers and sales professionals helped a customer in Europe address a difficult application challenge. When it is necessary to connect different cable types and sizes, time is short, and the power must stay on, a solution that is ready-to-go is essential.   

An energy utility was facing an emergency: one cable was damaged and out of service, resulting in the power outage of the installation site. There was no similar cable available in stock and it was critical to urgently repair the line.

They located the cable, but it was impossible to get one on short notice. The situation was unacceptable as it would have led to an extended period of time without operation and tremendous penalties. Finding other alternatives to quickly solve this massive issue was a must.

The company reached out to TE Connectivity’s (TE) experts and asked for support. The challenge was to connect several cables with different sizes and different construction to each other in a very limited period of time.

The standard single-piece joint does not offer such possibility. An innovative alternative was needed to repair the line.

Drawing from more than 60 years of experience, TE’s experts offered a three-piece joint (EHVS-145T). It connects cables of different cross sections and different constructions.

The joint is a pre-fabricated three-piece design for voltage classes up to 170 kV. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adapted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. The silicone rubber joint parts with integrated geometrical stress control also has proven electrical function.

With the addition of the connector which goes into the kit, TE provides the complete solution, not only components. The special connection also does not require any additional training for the installers.

This type of joint is standard for TE, allowing delivery of the products within days. The customer connected a 500 mm² 132 kV cable with corrugated aluminium sheath to a 1200 mm² 132 kV cable with smooth aluminium sheath.

Thanks to this innovative solution, the utility easily and quickly installed a different type of cable into the failed line. The line went back to operation in a short period of time.


Years experience in HV cable accessories


3-piece joints available up to 170 kV


Amount of additional installer training required

Each project is unique and every high voltage cable connection point is critical. Because TE is committed to deliver an extraordinary customer experience, TE's experts have developed accessories to fit virtually every power cable, with solutions that are designed, developed and manufactured in a way to minimize delivery and installation time.