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Dealing with all the variables in commercial and MIL-Spec backshell designs can be a challenging, time-consuming task. As the mechanical device that surrounds the rear of the connector, a backshell must accommodate many application-specific variables: wire-end/cable-bundle geometries, size and weight restrictions, environmental protection and sealing issues, physical requirements (angles/profiles, strain relief, shielding, termination, etc.).

Why You Should Choose BIT Workx from TE?

BIT Workx provides full service design and accelerated prototyping capability that is faster and smarter than conventional approaches to providing commercial backshells.


The new design and prototyping cell resides in a TE facility that has received AS9100 certification. This facility also manufactures products qualifying under Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).


Count on the BIT Workx design service to deliver solutions fast to expedite Time to Market—whether your application calls for a design-in derivative or a special backshell solution.


BIT Workx Capabilities

BIT Workx Capabilities:

• Experienced Engineers & Technicians with advanced CAD/CAM tools & software to rapidly design & fabricate prototype samples
• Multi Spindle CNC Lathe for maximum manufacturing flexibility
• Welding & Brazing capability for customized, complex solutions
• Advanced part finishing with laser marking for world-class workmanship

Full-Service Design and Accelerated Prototyping

Accelerate Time to Market, Eliminate Roadblocks

BIT Workx design service harnesses the technologies of a New Product Introduction (NPI) cell with the legacy resources of TE. The result is a full-service capability able to define, develop, prototype, and preproduce your solution in an average of 6-weeks. It’s the smart way to eliminate project roadblocks, simplify logistics, and ensure on-time delivery of critical parts.


TE’s has a technological heritage in commercial and Mil-Spec connectors and backshells. Our deep understanding of interconnect technologies means we “Follow the Wire” to deliver optimal backshell and accessory solutions. You can count on our broad product portfolio, expert engineer-tocustomer and engineer-to-engineer support, and wide knowledge base to assure your success.


TE BIT Workx design service will partner with our 3D for Production (3D4P) team for composite sample requests.

BIT Workx Range of Services

BIT Workx Range of Services

• One of the industry’s broadest array of configurable commercial backshell part numbers for circular and rectangular connectors to solve basic issues
• The ability to accommodate special, complex issues — such as standoffs to avoid metal work — with the support of engineering to implement modifications and avoid complete redesign wherever possible
• The integration to expedite urgent changes, prototypes, and low-rate-initial-parts (LRIP)

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