Soldier Systems and Wearables


Enabling the connected soldier

Operating in adverse conditions requires soldier systems that are not only rugged, but also easy to use.

Equipping soldiers for modern missions means giving them the technological edge to succeed.  To develop soldier wearables and systems, you need to integrate personal networks, sensors, C4 communications, and the power to manage the systems, as well as connect all the systems in a reliable and easy-to-use manner.  TE offers a range of interconnect solutions that are ergonomic, yet reliably rugged, and that save space and weight when every ounce counts. 

Get the Innovation Edge


Compact Connectors

Micro- and nano-miniature connectors with robust designs and easy handling.

Advanced Cable Materials

Cross-linked polymers for thinner, lighter, tougher insulation and jackets. 


Carbon- and glass-filled composites custom-tailored to achieve the right weight, strength and electrical characteristics. 

Embedded Antennas

Zero profile designs for the radio needs of the soldier.