Military Power Distribution


Military Ground Vehicles

At TE, we provide highly reliable and robust sub-assemblies to improve power distribution for military ground vehicles.

Providing reliable, responsive, efficient performance. TE makes power distribution efficient and manageable. We offer relays and contacts with make/break current ratings up to 2000 A, current ratings up to 1000 A at 28 VDC and 500 A at 900 VDC, and hermetic sealing for reliability. Our relays offer one of the industry’s leading combination of high current switching in compact, lightweight packages. Our power distribution solutions help combat the potential hazards of ground defense vehicles, by helping to withstand the heat of the engine compartment, resisting harsh oils, fuel, and other solvents, and maintaining efficient power distribution under tough conditions of vibration and shock. 


Simplifying Systems, Advancing Capabilities

Use space efficiently without sacrificing reliability.

Force readiness begins with dependability. Maximum mobility, enhanced situational awareness, and precise target acquisition and firing solutions all require new levels of sophisticated processing and control of systems ranging from laser range finders to turret positioning. They require efficient use of space without sacrificing reliability, adding unnecessary weight, or compromising mission effectiveness.


As the complexity of weapons systems increases, we help simplify interconnections, increase performance, and enhance reliability to achieve greater accuracy, faster response, and better communications.