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Big Ideas for Even Bigger Data

TE creates the latest solutions and products for demanding data center applications.

Big Ideas for Big Data

We are at the forefront of data center connectivity, creating a broad, innovative portfolio for enterprise and hyperscale applications. Our cutting-edge solutions anticipate today’s big data needs – and account for tomorrow’s forward-looking designs. We don’t just follow industry standards; we create them. By developing products that are smaller, faster, and more agile, we meet growing design needs for the next generation of data centers. We have big ideas – and these big ideas translate to lasting solutions for a growing market. Whether we’re developing microQSFP, the new standard for faster, cooler data center connectivity, or designing for future requirements with STRADA Whisper connectors, we are helping data centers become more efficient and innovative than ever before.

  1. Designed Today for Future Speeds: zQSFP+ Interconnects (English)

Our portfolio of zQSFP+ interconnects offers 2.5 times more throughput than existing interconnect solutions to help meet today’s design challenges.

  • FORGE Drawer Power Connector (English)

  • Re-architecting the Data Center, STRADA Whisper Backplane Connectors (English)