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Transform Heavy Duty Equipment Productivity

Heavy-duty machines such as agriculture tractors and construction equipment are costly to purchase, use, and maintain.


By Jean-Paul Gervais, TE Connectivity

Heavy-Duty Equipment Productivity

Heavy-duty machines such as agriculture tractors and construction equipment are costly to purchase, use, and maintain. Operators sometimes use million-dollar equipment to perform mission-critical work, such as construction, mining excavation, and farming. For other end-uses such as fire and rescue, human lives and safety are on the line.


Unexpected downtime creates a dilemma for operators and repair staff alike. If work is being performed in remote locations, returning equipment to the shop for service is often not an option. Typically, operators must request field service support, introducing delay and cost into their operations. Costs include lost revenues, lost productivity of equipment and staff, field service costs, and machinery costs, among others.


The construction industry, for example, typically suffers from low equipment utilization sometimes as low as 60% which can significantly harm operational profitability. If staff can drive equipment utilization up by just 1%, they can help increase profitability by 2.75%.

Connectors That Are Easy to Install and Repair

Connectors are small but mighty, powering a wide array of applications, including wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications, sensors, lights, gauges, actuators, switches, and solenoids used in heavy-duty equipment and commercial vehicles. So how can TE Connectivity’s (TE) DEUTSCH connectors help increase equipment uptime?


Trusted and reliable

Reliability: DEUTSCH connectors are highly reliable and provide exceptional performance in harsh and unforgiving environments, across thousands of hours of service. These products have been in the market for more than 40 years and are found on all equipment types globally.


Fully serviceable

DEUTSCH DT products are fully serviceable, with standard and easy to use contact removal tools that can be used across our connector portfolio. DT connectors have an interface seal that’s replaceable rather than being bonded to the housing. That means DEUTSCH connector seals can be replaced for a lower-cost quick repair, whereas other connectors need the full unit replaced at more time and expense. 

Data Connectivity In Harsh Environment

Common contacts

DEUTSCH HDP and DT products use the proven DEUTSCH brand common contact system with pins and sockets that can be crimped with standard tools to create a reliable sealed connection. This means that it’s easier to train staff how to repair them, and staff can repair contacts consistently and easily across all equipment. 

DEUTSCH Contacts

Simple to use

DEUTSCH HDP products have a quick connect and disconnect bayonet coupling, while DT products have reliable easy grip latches. Both are easy to implement in the shop and the field.


DEUTSCH products are designed to provide years of reliable service in high-vibration, harsh environments. In the rare event that a connector or a seal becomes compromised, they are easy to repair. MRO staff can use TE’s field service tools and full technical application documentation available to repair damaged wires or contacts or even install a new terminal and get equipment up and running again. There’s no need to wait for expert technicians, as documentation guides users through the easy crimping and installation process.


More Details

Learn more about TE Connectivity’s  DEUTSCH DT series products and DEUTSCH HDP20 series products See why we’re a market leader in creating and maintaining consumer trust with our superb product relaibility. Insist on the original: Insist on DEUTSCH! Buy products from LADD Distribution and DEUTSCH Authorized Distributors.