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The subbrand „seminar“ is the first product from THE ACADEMY and forms the foundation on which THE ACADEMY was established. The clients are invited to an one and a half day seminar in one of the various facilities of TE Connectivity (TE) in Germany. During these days the participants get live trainings and practical insights from the leading experts within TE. The event is rounded off by a networking event on the first seminar day and a plant or laboratory tour depending on the location of the seminar. Therefore the seminars are characterized by a three-part course model.
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The customers will learn about connector basics and gain more advanced insights into automotive connectors and other topics. The seminar contents are adapted to the current trends in the automotive industry and extend among others from high- and low-voltage connectors, over data connectivity to thermal management. The team of THE ACADEMY is always looking for current trends to establish new seminars. Seminars can be offered in German as well as in English. We will inform you when new on-site seminars are available on this page.

Seminar Price Mode Date Language
High Voltage Connectors Sign up 990€ Offline June 14th - 15th, 2023 English
How Automotive Trends Impact the Electromechanics Sign up 640€ Offline June 22nd - July 19th, 2023 English
High Voltage Connectors in Cars – Seminar in Cooperation with HDT Sign up 1.195€ Offline July 5th – 6th, 2023 German

The online webinars cover the same topics as the seminars and are also held in English and German. The biggest advantage of these webinars is the availability from everywhere without the need to travel.