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In the same manner than the „Online“ subbrand, the „Tailor Made“ subbrand was developed by the team in March 2020. The goal was to develop a seminar that is accommodated to the individual needs of the customers. Therefore, the tailor made seminars are highly customized seminars held by TE experts in the facilities of the customers. The participants can compile their own customized seminar by picking the topics they are interested in from the complete seminar portfolio. The Tailor Made seminars are also characterized by a three-part course model.

TE Academy Tailor Made Learn


TE Academy Tailor Made Meet


TE Academy Tailor Made Tour


Each seminar will consist of different self-contained topics. Each topic is one unit with the minimum length of 30 minutes. The individual units will be completed with a Q&A session. Each unit can be assembled to modules. Each module contains minimum one and maximum seven units and always lasts maximum 3,5 hours.

Pick your seminar

Seminars 1 Seminar 2 Seminar 3 Tailor Made Timeframe
Topic 1.1 Topic 2.1 Topic 3.1 Topic 2.1
Topic 1.2 Topic 2.2 Topic 3.2 Topic 3.3 Module I = 3,5 h
Topic 1.3 Topic 2.3 Topic 3.3 Topic 3.6
Topic 1.4 Topic 2.4 Topic 3.4 Topic 1.2
Topic 1.5 Topic 2.5 Topic 3.5 Topic 1.5 Module II = 3,5 h
Topic 1.6 Topic 2.6 Topic 3.6 Topic 2.4

Get the full overview and reach out with your request to our team.

Please review the Example 1 and Example 2 offers for your reference.

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