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TE Helps Design The Ultimate Combat Robot

TE Connectivity engineers bring their expertise and rugged TE connectors into battle — helping to upgrade Team Valkryie’s robot design for the ultimate robot combat series BattleBots® on Discovery Channel.

TE delivers epic innovation regardless of the application.

As part of TE’s sponsorship of Team Valkyrie, a team of TE engineers offered valuable insight and extensive application expertise with the goal of providing connected solutions that give the team’s robot an edge over its competitors.

  1. Tough Enough for the Ring and the Real World

TE designs its products to withstand the harshest environments. See the proof — check out the action-packed metal madness in BattleBots on Discovery Channel.

Big Design Upgrades for a Small Robot

TE has worked closely with Team Valkyrie to improve their robot’s design in a few areas, such as:

  • Telemetry system: TE expertise helped give Valkyrie the ability to live-broadcast data back to the team’s transmitters during a match in order to switch their strategy on the fly.
  • Cooling system: TE worked with Valkyrie on a rugged cooling system designed to keep the weapon’s motor controller running amid the heat and hard-hitting action of battle.
  • Data logging systems: TE recommended Team Valkyrie program a microcontroller hooked up to an inductive current sensor to log real-time data going into their weapon motor to test weapon performance.
  • Electric brake design: TE engineers affirmed Valkyrie’s design to safely discharge energy from the weapon within a one-minute time limit.