Easy and fast connectivity solutions for the next generation internet from the sky.

Enabling The Most Advanced Broadcast Internet System

As large satellite constellations enter space, TE Connectivity is committed to meeting customer requirements with space qualified products and low-cost, scalable solutions.


Our large portfolio of connectivity solutions and experience in ruggedizing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components allow us to meet the unique challenges of customers building the next wave of constellations and satellites.


Whether you’re just starting to build your requirements or you’re deep into the design phase, our engineers are here to help.

By ruggedizing our STRADA Whisper connector from a consumer solution to the requirements for satellites we succeeded in meeting high speed reliable data needs at a great value price point.
Everett Pitts,
Account Manager

Don't Spend Your Way To Space

Space is exciting. Space is the future. But Space is a business, too. And just because you’re operating under zero-gravity, you can still be weighed down with budgetary concerns. At TE we strive to support your satellite objectives with solutions that strike the perfect balance between high-performance and cost-effectiveness

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End to End Solutions With Full Support

Space is unforgiving. Sometimes you want to chose a space approved solution. TE’s space products have established themselves as dependable, durable, and reliable. Our engineers understand the subsystems of satellites and can assist with the enabling technology. Whether it is interconnects, wire, fiber optics, harnessing materials or identification products our portfolio offers what you need.

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