The Fifth Generation of Wireless Network Communications White Paper



The Fifth Generation of Wireless Network Communications

Smarter, Faster and More Dense Deployment with Smart Solutions from TE Connectivity – Opportunities and Challenges

Enabling the 5G Future

One day, intelligence will be integrated into infrastructure. Cars will drive themselves, houses will be self-cleaning, agriculture will work sustainably, and electrical grids will respond automatically to fluxes in energy demands. Simply put, we’ll live in a smarter, more connected world.

At TE Connectivity (TE), we’re building this future reality today. It’s an ambitious undertaking, and getting there will require devices that can operate within a much broader bandwidth at incomparably higher speeds. And not only will these devices need to be faster and more adaptable, they’ll need to be smaller, lighter, more economical, and superabundant—we foresee billions of connected devices built with more than a trillion sensors. It’s going to be awesome, and it’s going to change everything. But 5G isn’t some far-off dream: we are already designing and building devices to support the increased speed, capacity, and bandwidth of 5G networks.

  1. 5G and the Future of Connectivity

Hear from Amitabh Passi, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development for the Communications Segment on how TE is preparing for 5G and the Future of Connectivity.

  1. Enabling 5G Networks

Watch as Rickard Barrefelt, Data and Devices' Manager of Field Application Engineering explains how TE is enabling 5G ecosystem.


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