Applications and Benefits

Q: Why would I use a pre-loaded spring finger in an application?
A: A pre-loaded spring finger allows for the same amount of force with a smaller compression and provides a stable electrical contact with minimal deflection. These features are useful for applications with limited available height.


Q: Which style of spring finger is best for my application?
A: Spring fingers are typically some of the last pieces added to a board. The type used depends upon the height and space left on the board, but the decision is typically based on your design needs.


Q: Can I combine different types of spring fingers in an application?
A: Yes, an application can have multiple spring fingers of more than one type. For example, simple C types can be used for grounding between the device and the PCB, while multiple pre-loaded spring fingers are used on the board for shielding or other simple connections.


Q: What are the benefits of using a scalable spring finger?
A: Scalable spring fingers use a common footprint, allowing easy design changes without requiring any extra space.