Features and Advantages

Q: What wire gauge are you using?

A: Pivot series can accept AWG 22~24 and Pivot II series can accept AWG 22~26.


Q: Will the wire need to be passed through the connector?
A: If no, single or double entry styles will work. If yes, only double entry style will work.


Q: In what type of environments will this connector be used?
A: These connectors are available to be greased filled in order to be used in extreme environments. (Refer to the part number table in the Pivot Connector Series QRG.)


Q: What is the significance of the Stuffer Labels ‘T and R’?
A: T and R stand for Tip and Ring, which is commonly used terminology when working with telephone jacks in the telecommunications industry.


Q: What tooling is required to support these connectors?
A: No tooling is needed to support these connectors other than something to cut the wires to the appropriate sizes. The IDC contacts make pivot a toolless solution.


Q: What if you need to use an AWG that is outside the AMP Pivot Connector Series gauge?
A: We recommend using the Terminal Block family, which can accept AWG 12~30.


Q: How many wires can a single connector use?
A: We offer one, two, and four pair connectors. Each pair is capable of accommodating two wires and multiple connectors can be aligned side by side.