Frequently asked questions

Q:    Are there interface drawings available?

A:     Yes, the drawing number is 208-18000.


Q:    How many codes are available?

A:    3 Codings (2 positives Code A & B / 1 Negative Code C)


Q:    What is the maximum wire size available?

A:     5-16mm² (5-8mm² 1-2840573-1 / 10-16mm² 1-2840573-2)


Q:    What is the material for this connector?

A:     PBT- GF 10 (UL94 V-0)


Q:    What is the available terminal information?

A:      Customer drawings of contacts available PN 2840573


Q:    Can we make a tab housing for this receptacle housing?

A:     Yes, it is possible. For further information please contact us