Product Information

HarnWare Software

Q: Does TE offer a demonstration version of HarnWare?
A: No. At present, no demonstration version of HarnWare is available. Please view the videos on this website for an overview of HarnWare capabilities. Contact your TE account manager to arrange an on-line or face to face demonstration.


Q: Does TE have a manufacturing facility for harness build?
A: Yes. We can build harnesses from your own designs or design and build harnesses for you.


Q: Does TE support customers on-site with design and harness build?
A: Yes. We have a number of engineers who can support you at your own site by providing training for design and installation.


Q: Does TE provide practical harness build training?
A: Yes. Please contact you TE account manager to arrange for a quotation.


Q: Can we create our own database for non-TE components?
A: Yes. You can create a User Parts Library for non-standard parts that you use regularly.


Q: Can we create our own logo drawing borders?
A: Yes. Full details are shown in the brochure Drawing Borders in Visio.


Q: Can we create our own shape (stencil) that will be active in HarnWare?
A: Yes. Full details are shown in the brochure Creating shapes for use with HarnWare.


Q: Is there a HarnWare forum?
A: No. Questions can be directed to our HarnWare support team at