TE News: New pluggable connectors to fill market need in lighting applications

New pluggable connectors from TE Connectivity fill market need in lighting applications



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June 24, 2021

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is introducing its NECTOR-T pluggable product portfolio. An expansion to TE’s NECTOR-S power system, the new line of connectors fills a market gap for sealed pluggable connectors in outdoor lighting and specifically horticulture lighting applications. The NECTOR-T portfolio’s “plug-and-play” alternative to hard-wired electrical connections enables customers to reduce installation labor cost. 


“Before our NECTOR-T pluggable product portfolio, we didn’t have the market suitable offering for applications like horticultural grow lighting, building facade lighting and other outdoor installations,” says Scott Hamilton, senior manager, product management at TE Connectivity. “This new offering will not only fill that gap in the market, but also provide our customers with a streamlined installation time.” 


Easy-to-use system

NECTOR-T pluggable connectors provide an easy-to-use pluggable power-distribution connector-cabling system. 

  • NECTOR-T is field installable as a screw type termination and with crimp contacts provides the option for prefabricated cable assembly. These termination options bring flexibility to the layout designer and installer. 
  • A three-pole connector system, Nector T pluggable includes three- and four-way power splitting connectors which bring options to the design layout and enable the system installers to work quickly with plug-and-play connections.
  • The design is safe, compact, robust, IEC and UL certified, and includes sealing caps for open connectors. 


The full package

The NECTOR-T pluggable portfolio is a complete product offering. These sealed, pluggable connectors are designed specifically for applications like horticultural lighting installations, vertical farming, grow light connections and sealed power distribution.


About TE

TE Connectivity is a global industrial technology leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. Our broad range of connectivity and sensor solutions enable the distribution of power, signal and data to advance next-generation transportation, renewable energy, automated factories, data centers, medical technology and more. With more than 85,000 employees, including 8,000 engineers, working alongside customers in approximately 140 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS. Learn more at www.te.com and on LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

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