Featured Product: MULTIGIG RT 3 and RT 2-S

VPX advances with TE MULTIGIG RT connector platform

MULTIGIG RT 2-S and MULTIGIG RT 3 next generation lightweight, rugged, high speed backplane connectors meet the interface dimensions for VITA 46 VPX connectors.

February 28, 2019

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched its fastest rugged backplane connector, the MULTIGIG RT 3 connector. TE’s MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors support speeds of 32+Gb/s, making them among the fastest rugged backplane connectors for embedded computing or VPX systems currently on the market. The ruggedized design makes these connectors ideally suited to withstand many extreme military and space environments.


MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors employ quad-redundant contacts — time-tested in the MULTIGIG RT 2-R series — to meet rigorous VITA standards for reliable performance under intense vibrations. This strength in harsh environments is matched by the industry’s lightest design for comparable backplane connectors. Each MULTIGIG RT 3 connector from TE is made of durable, lightweight thermoplastic and copper alloys.


In addition to being fast and lightweight rugged backplane connectors, TE’s new MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors integrate easily with other VPX products. They conform to VITA 46 industry standards, making them backwards compatible with legacy OpenVPX systems. Furthermore, their modular design enables numerous configurations by interchanging higher-speed RT 3 connectors with the legacy MULTIGIG RT 2 and RT 2-R connectors.


“We have a long history of working side-by-side with technology leaders to move the industry forward through innovation,” said Mike Walmsley, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “The MULTIGIG RT 3 connector is the next generation of high-speed backplane connector for rugged applications.”


TE’s MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors are designed for military electronics, C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence [C4]; Information, Surveillance, Recon [ISR]) electronic warfare systems, avionics, ground defense, missile defense and systems designed for outer space.

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