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M12 L code

M12 L-Code cable assembly from TE Connectivity supplies more power in less space

New cable assembly paves the way for comprehensive standardization of field equipment


MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is launching its new M12 L-code cable assembly as part of its expanding M8/M12 product portfolio. This line of products is compatible with industrial ethernet protocols. With the extended capabilities of L-Code, TE provides an excellent lineup of solutions for power-based applications that are also compatible with Industrial Ethernet protocols.



Power more with less

Because industry trends continue to move toward utilizing smaller solutions while demanding higher outputs, the M12 L-code cables are designed with miniaturization in mind. Its small form factor uses up to 40% less space than traditional 7/8” connectors. While these cables are smaller, they supply 80% more power — up to 16 more amps per pin than the conventional 7/8” connectors, which power only 9 amps per pin. This increased amperage maximizes solution space without compromising on output.

L-Code also has the ability to create larger daisy chains, which reduces wiring outlay and shortens overall installation time. Reduced wiring moves toward decentralization of power systems and the elimination of cabinet systems. 

“The M12 L-Code cable not only offers more power at far less space, but it fills an important gap in the portfolio of power applications,” says Sofia Sevastidou, product manager at TE Connectivity. “The L-Coded technology offers a feasible solution for power transmission and supply in the field of signal and data connection. This marks the final piece needed in the comprehensive standardization of field equipment to align with the PROFINET standard.”



Designed for harsh environments

Industrial applications take place in increasingly harsh conditions, which means components need to resist extreme temperatures, chemicals and water. The M12 L-Code comes with advanced shielding technology for reliable protection and robustness, even in extreme environments.

The durability of the new cable assembly makes it excellent for use in factory automation and in harsh or wet industrial environments. The PROFINET conforming color scheme even allows for easy identification of parts and to help protect against mismatching.



Additional features

  • Oil, UV and high mechanical stresses resistant; flame retardant VW-1/FT1.
  • Standardized in accordance with IEC 61076-2-111 and approved in accordance with UL 2237.
  • High power transmission for DC or AC applications up to 16 A.

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