FIRST at TE Connectivity

Supporting the next generation of innovators

TE is a proud sponsor of FIRST. As the world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, TE recognizes the importance of encouraging the next generation of innovators. That is why TE has supported FIRST for almost 20 years, starting with a few teams and a few passionate TE engineers in North Carolina, USA! We now sponsor over 70 teams with TE mentors across the country, competitions in North Carolina and Pennsylvania,  the World Championships, and the FIRST Scholarship Program. We also support FIRST as a supplier. Our products will help teams solve even their biggest robot challenges. 

Redeem your TE Connectivity voucher!

Use TE's online sample program to order TE Connectivity products. To learn more, check out our video or read our quick reference guide below.

Please use your FRC team number in the company field when ordering products in order to ensure your team receives the products.

  1. Redeem Your Voucher

Learn How To Use the TE Sample Program to redeem your TE product voucher for FIRST.