Connectivity and Sensor Solutions


For all the things you design, TE Connectivity (TE) makes the connectivity solutions to meet your requirements.

Learn how our products can help you build technology that moves the world forward.

Our connectivity and sensor solutions enable the transfer of data, power, and signals – through applications in the home, on the road, under the sea, and in the factory. We create solutions for delivering power and data more efficiently and allowing technology to quickly and more accurately react to the environment around it – no matter how challenging. Together, we can build faster, safer, more integrated technology.

Mechanical movement has to withstand years of tough, unpredictable conditions. Our complete line of connectors and cable assemblies that connect motors and actuators to control assemblies and help deliver trouble-free motion for years to come. Our virtual sample kit enables you to see the more than 25 part samples we make for movement applications. (Registration required.)

As the world becomes more connected, reliable device-to-device communication is key. For connections inside a device, our connectors, antennas, and board-level shields help bring reliable and clear connectivity to mobile and smart devices. Our virtual sample kit enables you to see the 16 part samples for wireless connectivity that are available to order today. (Registration required.)

From pinging smartphones to voice-activated appliances, more and more products are incorporating sound capabilities. Our portfolio of interconnect solutions allows sound data to move from the printed circuit board (PCB) to the speakers. Our virtual sample kit enables you to see our 20 part samples for sound and audio applications. (Registration required.)

Adding display panels to pre-existing devices? Adding more digital functionality to a flat-screen television? Explore our solutions for connecting components within a display, connecting remote displays to a control board, or adding new HDMI and fiber optic capabilities to back panels. Our virtual sample kit enables you to learn about our 20 part samples for display and visual connectivity. (Registration required.)

Whether it’s connecting a device to AC power, charging batteries or distributing power from a battery pack, our reliable solutions bring power to your application. Our virtual sample kit enables you to see our 25 part samples for power solutions. (Registration required.)

Eliminating noise and disruption are key to keeping signals and low-level currents flowing. Whether used on a PC board or for connecting one subsystem to another, our complete line of connectivity solutions help keep signals as clear and uninterrupted as possible. Our virtual sample kit enables you to learn about our 25 part samples for signal solutions. (Registration required.)

Our portfolio includes reliable connectors for fans, blowers, compressors, and more. Designed to withstand changing environments such as high temperature or high humidity, we help support the always-on applications associated with cooling systems wherever you need them. Our virtual sample kit enables you to see our 25 part samples for cooling and rotary systems. (Registration required.)



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