Connected Aircraft

Connected Aircraft

Today’s aircraft are more connected than ever before to make flight more efficient and safe. Pilots and ground crews require more information at faster speeds to manage increasingly complex aircraft systems. To meet these demands, TE has developed technologies that provide reliable performance in harsh environments to make modern air travel faster, more efficient and enjoyable.

Connected Aircraft

Efficient, Safe, and Enjoyable Air Travel

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers are continually searching for ways to make commercial flight safer and more efficient — and to offer a superior customer experience that attracts loyal flyers. Passengers want Wi-Fi connections and entertainment choices that mirror what they’re used to at home. Pilots and ground crews need more information, faster, to manage increasingly complex aircraft systems. Airlines want planes with self-diagnostics that are easier to maintain and fly to maximize their investments.

To meet the demand for connected systems and more electronification, manufacturers need sensors, connectors, relays, and fiber-optic systems that are up to the task to work reliably in the airplanes in harsh environments, such as temperature extremes and exposure to high vibrations.

TE Connectivity’s solutions help solve the aviation industry’s space, weight, reliability and efficiency challenges. For example, TE is working with the ARINC Incorporated industry standard group on the Mini Modular Rack Principle (MiniMRP) distributed avionics system that creates flexible capabilities in a smaller, lighter package – so manufacturers can deploy them anywhere they need design flexibility. Similarly, TE’s grounding system solutions can be tailored to virtually any commercial aircraft.  View our Connected Life trend paper to learn more about our Connected Aircraft solutions.

Get the Inside Story on Today's Connected Aircraft

Electronic content on modern aircraft is increasing exponentially. Driven by demands for size and weight reductions that increase efficiency, load capacity & range while lowering fuel costs. The connected passenger and aircraft require signal and power delivery to support applications like In-flight entertainment (IFE) and cabin systems, grounding solutions for composite airframes, avionics packaging, power load balancing of flight controls, landing gear and jet engines — all integrated via new sensor technologies. That’s the Connected Aircraft story.

Transparent Seat Display at Paris Air Show 2017
Transparent Seat Display at Paris Air Show 2017
Transparent Seat Display at Paris Air Show 2017
Transparent Seat Back View

Learn How MiniMRP is Reducing Avionics Packaging Up to 40%!

The Mini Modular Rack Principle (MiniMRP) is a design and modular component solution for avionics systems that distributes avionics throughout the aircraft in smaller, lighter package configurations — reducing avionics packaging space up to 40%! MiniMRP is designed to the ARINC 836 standard, and is fast emerging as the leading choice for military and commercial avionics. The MiniMRP provides standardized modules that can be easily deployed throughout an aircraft, allowing information collection and distribution around a fiber optic or copper backbone.

  1. MiniMRP Avionics Packaging

MiniMRP Avionics is the next generation of integrated circuits, putting ever-increasing computing power into 40% smaller packages at lower costs.


Whether it’s a corporate jet, a helicopter or a military aircraft, we are continually innovating to give you the best combination of cost, increased reliability and performance. Count on TE for innovative solutions to help meet the challenges of the next generation of flight. 

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