IoT Sensors

Sensors and the Internet of Things

Sensors play a crucial role in the vast Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. TE Connectivity (TE) is dedicated to working with you to determine the right sensors for your IoT application.

IoT Is a Game Changer

TE Connectivity (TE) engineers and developers are keenly aware that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to be a game-changer - adding an unprecedented level of connectivity to every aspect of our lives. As low-powered, digital sensors become more prolific, engineers are gearing up to assemble the right infrastructure for IoT development success. But while a huge and emerging trend with thousands of applications across hundreds of industries, there are three key elements at the core of all IoT applications:

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Sensors are the backbone and the key enablers of IoT applications. As the interface to the physical world, sensors are the key “Things” in the Internet of Things, providing electrical signals corresponding to physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, position, angle, time, current, voltage, etc. See sensors’ role in the IoT-enabled weather station developed for Andretti Technologies' Formula E program.   

  1. IoT Weather Station (English)

IoT applications enable actionable data in industries across the globe. See how Andretti Technologies uses TE’s IoT Weather Station for success on the track. Watch the video.

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Wireless Connectivity

Each IoT application has a different set of requirements for wireless range, energy consumption and security. Sorting through a seemingly endless array of connectivity options can be a daunting task. This infographic examines some of the most popular wireless technologies available for IoT applications, as well as considerations for each around cost, security and range. Check out this infographic for tips on choosing the right protocol for your application.

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Actionable Data

Of course, IoT data is only as good as the ability to make it actionable, and different industries are finding ways to achieve real-time decisioning based on data collection. Go here to read about how the medical industry is using IoT applications for remote patient monitoring. 

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Featured Development Boards

TE Connectivity’s development boards can help engineers and developers rapidly prototype new development designs and bring their IoT projects from concept to reality. Each provides the necessary hardware and software libraries to interface with multiple TE digital sensor products.

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