TE PCB terminals include receptacles

Receptacles, tabs, and pin terminals for reliable, cost-efficient connection

These products are engineered to terminate wires and components to a printed circuit board (PCB). Our portfolio of tabs, pins, receptacles, and taps offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for attaching components with pin contacts to a printed circuit board. These products are held in place without solder, which means you can easily remove the component during replacement or repair. With our semiautomatic or automatic machines, you can quickly insert and securely clinch our receptacle contacts to the PCB.

Product Types:

PCB Terminals

PCB Tabs 
Our PCB tabs come in either a multiple or single connection type and a wide choice of wire ranges are available. These include stud mount, printed circuit mount, wire crimp, testing, weld, and also adapters for quick disconnect applications. 


PCB Pins
Constructed from brass, phosphor bronze, and other metals, our PCB pins can be used on a variety of wire ranges and pin diamete ranges from 0.64mm to 6.65mm. Available with insulation piercing, insulation support, or non-insulation support, these are used for magnet, tinsel, flat, or regular wire applications. 


PCB Receptacles

Used in wire-to-PCB terminations, these terminated wires are plugged into a receptacle, with the option to be removed and replugged as required. These receptacles are used across all industries, in applications requiring wire-to-pcb connections. Designed for quick replacement in the field without costly retrofitting, it allows you to plug the previously terminated wires into the new model without costly changes to wire termination tooling. In new equipment, it enables flexibility in selecting the wire termination, including tongue, fork, open barrel, and FASTON tabs. In existing equipment, it enables field replacement where the original wire termination remains the same, but the board layout changes. 


PCB Taps

Our PCB taps provide a high current, separable connection to a pcb. Available for variety of installation schemes, these are available as an uninsulated tap and low profile tap, used in bus bar pattern. Our high-profile and low-profile taps protect from other components. The high current versions offer a greater power density option, with current ratings from 10 amps on the 2 position in-line tab tap up to 40 amps on the 8 position dual tab tap.