Push Button Switches

Momentary switches: Change current with a pushbutton switch

A push button switch causes a temporary change in an electrical circuit only while the switch is physically pushed. A spring returns the switch to its original position immediately afterwards. The pushbutton is typically made of plastic or metal and may be flat-surfaced or contoured to the finger or hand. Also known as momentary switches, they are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We offer push button switch types in wide ranges from standard to IP-rated. Our portfolio includes Alcoswitch and KISSLING switches and common applications include include emergency stop (e-stop) and alarm switches, calculator buttons, doorbells, and refrigerator light switches.

Our portfolio of push button switches includes different LED styles as well as multiple mounting options, and we offer various colors, with different symbols on the actuator, such as battery and start/stop symbols, for example. Our momentary push button switches are commonly used in applications such as A/V equipment, avionics, industrial manufacturing, fitness equipment, and test and measurement equipment. In addition to these classic applications, we offer reliable e-stop switches for hazardous environment such as for emergency vehicles, work trucks, off-road equipment as well as heavy machinery and applications in the e-mobility market including charging stations.

Featured Product: KISSLING Push Button Switches

Our KISSLING Series TS push button switches are designed and manufactured for extreme conditions. Our portfolio includes options for switching configuration, termination type, switching movement and actuator designs. These switches are sealed and available with various mounting solutions for easy integration into your vehicle or equipment design.

KISSLING Series TS Push Button Switch
KISSLING Series TS Push Button Switch

Product Features

KISSLING Series TS Push Button Switches
  • Sealing technology up to IP67 &  IP6K9K (steam cleaning)
  • High-quality silver contacts
  • Maximum operating force of 40 N
  • 2- & 3-position switch actions with wide variety of available switching patterns 
  • Wide variety of actuator options for individual needs
  • Optional diaphram switch covers for push-button switches to prvide addition environmental protection

Technical Data

KISSLING Series TS Push Button Switches
  • 1- & 2-pole switches available
  • Rated for minimum 100,000 switching cycles under full load
  • Maximal load 5 mA at up to 32 VDC (ohmic load)
  • Minimum switching current: 10 mA at 12 VDC
  • Rated for up to  -40°C to +90°C environmental operating temperature