EVC 80 Main Contactor

EVC 80 Contactor

The new EVC 80 contactor provides safer, reliable switching in lower power battery systems or auxiliary circuits in a compact, plug-in design.

The new EVC 80 contactor was designed for innovation, reliability, and ease of installation. Featuring a continuous current of up to 80A and a voltage rating of up to 450V, the EVC 80 contactor is best suited as the main contactor in lower current applications and the pre-charge or auxiliary in higher-power batteries. It also provides enhanced safety, protection and high performance from a hermetically-sealed nitrogen gas contact chamber. The EVC 80 contactor is optimized for applications in tight mounting spaces, with overall dimensions of just 50x40x37mm. Designed for OEM bus electrical center applications (BECs), this plug-in contactor is non-polarity sensitive, providing ease of installation for coil power. A shielded outer core design offers enhanced EMC capabilities. The EVC 80 contactor is tested to IEC 6469 standards


continuous current


voltage rating


  • Hybrid vehicles main current up to 80A
  • Full electric vehicle auxiliary current
  • Bus Electrical Center (BECs) or Battery Disconnect Units (BDUs)
  • DC battery charging systems
  • High speed pre-charging to avoid disconnection short circuit
  • Support for coming Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) charging infrastructure


  • Plug-in style contactor
  • Significantly reduced size, weight
  • 50g shock rated at any orientation (energized)
  • Hermetically sealed with Nitrogen
  • Shielded outer core design
  • Non-polarity sensitive for ease of coil power installation
  • Voltage rating up to 450VDC
  • Continuous current up to 80A at -40oC to +85oC
  • Dielectric withstand voltage of 2,920Vdc / 1mA of leakage current
  • Insulation resistance greater than 1GΩ @ 500V
  • Emergency break capability of 400A @ 450V
  • Tested to IEC 6469 standards