Safe, Efficient, Reliable. Our switching devices are designed and manufactured to be used in harsh environments anywhere — in production lines, robotics, lifts, control panels, cash machines, motion control systems, lighting, building systems, solar, HVAC, aerospace technology, cars, trucks, buses, and an array of safety-critical applications. Our types of switching devices include contactors, relays, switches, and circuit breakers that offer cost-effective, reliable performance to enhance productivity. These products are designed to withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature, and altitude. Our portfolio features a wide range of switching solutions — including relay switches, battery disconnect switches, rocker switches, and electrical relays, among others — from our brands: AGASTATALCOSWITCHAMPAxicomCIIDRI Relays (DRI)HARTMANKILOVACKISSLINGOEGPotter and Brumfield, and SCHRACK.