Roofline Cable Assemblies

Roofline Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity HVTT and HVTE cable assemblies provide a ‘straight from the box’ solution for high voltage inter-connector cables on electric rail vehicles.

Industry-leading Raychem high voltage insulation and stress control materials are combined with flexible EPR insulated cable to make assemblies that are easy to install and completely reliable in the harsh rail environment. HVTT and HVTE cable assemblies are designed for the interconnection of high voltage electric equipment on locomotives, EMUs and high speed trains. HVTT cable assemblies have a heat-shrink type termination at each end: HVTE cable assemblies have a heat-shrink type termination at one end with a push-on type equipment connector at the other. HVEE cable assemblies have a push-on equipment connector at both ends. The product range is modular meaning that any combination of termination, push-on and cable can be put together.


  • 15 / 25 kV roof-line and equipment connection cables optimised for use in the rail environment
  • Assembled and tested by TE to simplify the supply chain and give easy on site installation
  • Custom designed for each application
  • Reliability demonstrated by over 30 years service history on high speed trains
  • Light weight and easy to handle compared to conventional ceramic alternatives
  • Impact resistant and virtually unbreakable due to the use of polymeric materials
  • Maintenance free minimising total life-cycle costs
Component Standard Products

Prysmian Draka Tenax-train-plus (N)TMCWOEU 50, 95, 120 and 240 mm2


Nexans Flamex (N)TMCGCHXOE 95 and 120 mm2

(other cable types and conductor sizes available on request as specials)

Push-on Connectors

TE Connectivity RSTI-68R-HT (IEC 50181 Type C interface)

Nexans 400 series (IEC 50181 Type C interface)

Nexans 750 series (IEC 50181 Type E interface)

Heatshrink Terminations

TE Connectivity self-supporting with stud fixing (M20, M16 or 5/8” UNC)

TE Connectivity non-self-supporting with lug fixing (M12, M16)

(other fixing sizes available on request as specials)

Earth Connections

One or both ends, M8 or M10 fixing, 250, 500 or 750 mm long

(other arrangements available on request)

Custom Design Service

Cable assemblies are designed to suit particular vehicle requirements for new build and retrofit purposes. In addition to the choice of termination and cable type other design options include: Dimensions and tolerances, mounting and clamping points, HV and earth connection types, arcing horns, current transformers, conduits and other accessories. Individual designs can be modelled in most major 2D or 3D drawing packages.
An on-site trial fit supported by TE technicians is normally available worldwide. 

Typical Ratings:

Characteristic Value
Working voltage 15 / 25 kV nom
AC withstand voltage 50 / 90 kV
Impulse withstand voltage 125 / 175 kV
Partial discharge <5 pC @ 1.5 Uo
Operating temperature

-40 to +80°C


Raychem heat shrink -

various designs

Typical strike distance 330 / 355 mm
Typical creepage 650 / 1000 mm
Typical diameter 90 – 135 mm
Equipment connectors

EN 50181 interfaces

- Raychem RSTI and other

industry standards


EPR insulation

Class 5 flexible conductor

Various designs and

conductor cross-sections


Cable assemblies have been subjected to a series of qualification tests to major rail standards. Test reports are available on request. Each cable assembly is subjected to routine testing and certification before shipping. Assemblies are serial numbered to provide complete traceability.