Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Tubing

Protect with heavy duty tubing

When an application requires more robust protection, heavy duty heat-shrinkable tubing is the cost-effective solution for optimizing insulation and protection.

When an application requires more robust protection, heavy duty heat shrink tubing provides cost-effective solutions.  Heavy duty tubing offers toughness, durability, excellent insulation, abrasion protection, mechanical abuse reliability, and resistance to chemicals, moisture and oils when industry standards require rugged tubings. The thick-wall insulates and protects. Benefits of this type of tubing include controlled amounts of adhesive and consistent results; compliance with AMS-DTL-23053 standards and multiple products offered in flame-retardant (FR) versions.

Heat Shrink Specifications

Shrink Ratio and Operating Temperature

Product Operating Temp Min. Full Recovery Shrink 
BSTS/BSTS-FR -55 to 90 [-67 to 194] 121 [250] 3:1
HF -55 to 90 [-67 to 194] 121 [250 3:1
HRHF/HRNF/HRSR -55 to 90 [-67 to 194] 121 [250 5.6:1
RHW -55 to 110 [-67 to 230] 125 [257] 3:1
RMW -55 to 110 [-67 to 230] 125 [257] 3:1
SST/SST-FR -55 to 90 [-67 to 194] 121 [250] 3:1


Minimum shrink temperature [230°F]


Minimum full recovery temperature [257°F]


Max temperature [230°F], min -55°C [-67°F]

Heavy duty tubing products are intended for use in the most rugged environments.
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Tubing Protection

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Features: Heavy Duty Tubing

Shrink Ratios, Thickness, and Colors
  • Shrink ratios ranging from 3:1 to 5.6:1
  • Various wall thicknesses
  • Choice of several color options
  • Differing adhesives to bond with varous materials
  • Varying levels of resistance to flame, heat, chemicals, and mechanical damage
  • Recognition by various testing agencies