Heat Shrink Tubing

Using Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing, and strain relief for applications such as back-end connector sealing, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions. It is a solid alternative to taping, molding, or potting. When heated, our Raychem heat sleeves conforms to the size and shape of the substrate beneath, enabling quick and easy installation. Its high expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors. Available in a wide range of materials, colors, and sizes, heat shrink tubing is delivered in forms such as spools, 1.2m lengths, and cut pieces. Clear types permit inspection of covered components and offer excellent transmittance of light.

Key Product Benefits

Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Protection from harsh environments
  • Chemical resistant
  • Color differentiation 
  • Displacement of glass, tape or glue
  • Flexibility
  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Flame retardant 
  • Lower applied cost
  • Reduce operating time
Strain Relief

Strain relief for connectors and splices, providing more flexibility


Protection against harsh environments such as abrasion, UV, fuel and chemicals


Sealing to keep out moisture,water, bacteria, mold, fuels etc.


Insulation protects and minimizes heat transfer for solid thermal and electrical insulation


Identification helps identify wires for grounding and color coding


Cosmetic improves organization of wires and overall assembly appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum operating temperature of your application?

A: Our RW-200, RW-200-E, SRFR, and RT555 series tubing products have a rated operating temperature to 200°C.

Q: Do you need a flame retardant solution for your application?

A: Our Versafit, ES2000, ATUM and FL2500 series are excellent choices when looking for flame retardant properties.



Flexible, Rigid, Elastomers, and Fluoropolymers

 Category   Type   Product Names 
Single Wall Very Flexible  LSTT, VERSAFIT (V2, 3X, V4) 
Single Wall Flexible BRST, DCPT, RP-4800, CGPE-105, RNF-100, TUGA, CGPT, RNF-3000
Single Wall Semirigid  CRN, RT-3
Dual Wall Semi-Flexible  ATUM, DWP-125, HTAT
Dual Wall Flexible CGAT, PTCM, TAT-125, DWTC, RPPM
Dual Wall Semirigid  DSPL, ES2000, SCL, ES1000, FL2500, SCT, RBK, QSZH
Harnessing Elastomers DR-25, NTFR, RW-200, RW-200-E, SFR, SRFR, URHR
Harnessing Fluoropolymers RT555, RT-770, RT-780, RT-790


Insulate, Protect, and Identify
  • Shielded splice protection
  • Battery terminal identification and sealing
  • Mechanical protection for hoses
  • Insulation and strain relief for fine gauge wire and fiber optic cables
  • Noise reduction for pipes
  • Moisture, fungus and weather resistant for outdoor applications
  • Thermal insulation of substrates, pipes, hoses and cables
  • Color code wiring and circuits
  • Insulate and protect components and wiring
  • Mechanical protection for lighting components
  • Bundle wires together for protection and ease of assembly