This type of product is designed to integrate a system of interconnecting wires. Engineered for use in harsh-environment applications, this product eliminates the need for pin contacts by enabling interconnections with the use of a standard AS39029 socket contact. Our terminal block accessories feature a single-pin bus bar configuration that is available in multiple design options, giving you the flexibility to customize the modules, junctions, splices, and rails. Designed for easy insertion and removal, by providing single rails inside the multi-module assemblies, this product offers a separate individual locking system for each wire – which means when installed, wires are locked in place without disrupting other wires; this provides an advantage over using studs and screws, which requires leaving the terminations loose until all the terminations are assembled under the attachment before these are then tightened.

Terminal Block Accessories

In commercial aircraft, this product can help reduce the number and types of electrical termination incorporating junctions, such as in a common termination system (CTS). In rail systems, our single-mount assemblies help greater ease during crimping, when wires are cut and identified. In industrial communication applications, it provides fast wire connections that mate with industry standard headers. With TE terminal block accessories, you can establish reliable connections in a wide range of data, signal, and power applications.