The clever distribution concept

The exclusive compact and modular design of our power distribution blocks allows easy installation combined with a great flexibility of use.


  • 3 configurations in 1 product: Single pole & multipole splitter, grouping for solar
  • Connect round or flat conductors and save up to 50% space compared to copper bars
  • Reduce assembly time by 80% by avoiding to use fastening and isolating components
  • Suitable for most recent solar installations with 1500V DC rating and up to 12 inputs
  • Easy identification thanks to the delivered pre-printed markers L1, L2, L3, N, PE, +, - 


Main features

  • Rating from 80A to 500A
  • Interlocking function for multiple pole assembling
  • Two directions opening, snap-on and reversible cover
  • Optional input for easy jumpering