ERFV Coax Connectors

Enabling Next-Generation 5G Wireless Solutions

TE's new ERFV RF coax connectors are highly customizable with a range of between-board heights and connector configurations. The one-piece RF connector design that connects between the antenna and radio board-to-board and board-to-board filter offers a lower cost solution.

Featured Benefits

  • Lower cost solution with one-piece design 
  • Proven reliability with excellent misalignment tolerance, insertion loss and return loss 
  • High customization with range of betweenboard heights and connector confi gurations
Board-to-Board ERFV Connector
Board-to-Filter, Screw Type ERFV Connector
Board-to-Filter, Screw Type
Board-to-Filter, Push-In Type ERFV Connector
Board-to-Filter, Push-In Type
Test Adapters
Test Adapters

Featured Applications

  • Mobile telecommunications
  • Wireless communications
  • Antenna and RF designs
  • Small cell

Electrical Performance

  • Frequency range: DC to 10 GHz
  • Return loss: ≥ 22 dB @ 4 GHz; ≥ 20 dB @ 6 GHz
  • Crosstalk or isolation: ≥ 70 dB @ DC to 3 GHz; ≥ 60 dB @ 3 GHz to 6 GHz

Mechanical Performance

  • Minimum board-to-board distance: 5.2mm – 20mm
  • Pitch: 15mm typical
  • Axial tolerance: +/- 1mm
  • Radial tolerance: +/- 0.80mm
  • Target board to base board: max. 2°
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C


  • Center contact: Brass - gold/silver
  • Outer contact: Copper alloy
  • Dielectric: LCP