AMP DUOPLUG Power Connectors

The AMP DUOPLUG power connector is a economical IDC connector system for safe and fast production of electrical connections.

The AMP DUOPLUG power connector is an economical IDC connector system for safe and fast production of electrical connections. The design is based on the RAST 2.5 standard as a direct and indirect connecting system for PC board and component applications. The female connectors fit in existing RAST 2.5 headers and frames. The twisted contact, the design of the contact zone and the two IDC slots ensure safe functioning and a current rating up to 6 A. The 7-stranded and multistranded conductors are suitable for a wire range of 0.35 mm2 up to 0.75 mm2 (AWG 22 up to AWG 18, AWM Style 1569/1007). The cover provides very good contact protection and has openings for easy electrical inspection. We offer a complete range of termination equipment from the hand tool to the modular fully-automatic IHM Mark III machine. The connector keying and colour marking is done with units on the workstation. AMP DUOPLUG power connector and AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Mark II IDC connector systems are able to be processed with minimal set up time on the same workstation. 

Product Features

  • IDC connector system for harness production
  • For PC board and electrical component application
  • Designed according to RAST 2.5 Standard
  • Low housing height
  • 5.0 mm centerline
  • Excellent contact protection
  • Keyable female part
  • Chainable products for optimal handling in logistics and manufacturing 
  • Special version optional internal locking for secure retention to PC board without use of frame 
  • VDE Approval-No. 40003581 Reg.-No. 1702000-1431-0045/ 11473 
  • UL recognised under File No. E 28476


mm centerline options


Maximum current rating for 5mm centerline


  • Household appliances
  • Small appliances 
  • Components
  • Gambling machines
  • Heating