Dynamic Series Power Application products

Robust power connection

Meet the Dynamic Series Power Connectors – TE’s robust connector family for power lines for both wire to board and wire to wire applications.

Dynamic Series makes the difference. Our power connectors reflect our strong focus on customer success and provide an efficient and reliable device connection solution for you and your customer. Vibration and shock proven, the intelligent audible locking system and unique contact design drive efficiency and long service life through minimizing downtime of your application. Our extensive portfolio of wire to board and wire to wire products foster design flexibility and is completed by Crimp and Spring Clamp types meeting your individual needs. 

Power overview

Pitch [mm] 6.35 10.16 16.00
Series D-4200 D-5200 D-7100
Termination Crimp Crimp Crimp
Current Rating [A/UL] 24 45 65
Voltage Rating [V/UL] 600 630 630
Wire-to-Board x x x
Board-to-Board x x x