AMP 5mm power key connectors.

Deliver Power to the Board

Built to optimize contact seating and proper mating to the PCB header, our 5mm power key connector is designed to release bubbles created by the process of potting (PC board coating). It uses housing lances to prevent tangling of wired contacts.

AMP 5mm power key connectors provide wire-to-board (WTB) connections consisting of plug housings for wire and compact PCB header assemblies with a 20.7mm mated height and double lock plates as Terminal Position Assistance (TPA) devices. Power key connectors are based on a 5mm [.197] centerline pitch and are rated for 300VAC at up to 10A. These connectors accept wire sizes of 16 to 26 AWG [1.419- .121 mm²] and are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 positions in single row and 4, 6 positions for dual row. The connector is designed to release bubbles created by the process of potting (PC board coating). Color housings, red, blue, natural, or yellow, help to identify connections. Additionally, four different types of physical keying mechanism, one for each color, increase assembly efficiency of blind mating when you are unable to see the connectors. This combination of color keying and physical keying help prevent mismating.

Making Life Easier

  • R-shaped design figure eases working conditions
  • Easier contact insertions based on clear clicking sound 
  • Simpler stock level control with part numbers reduced


Centerline pitch


Operating temperature range minimum


Operating temperature range maximum

5.0 mm Power Key Connectors are for power circuits of home appliances, especially targeting gas appliances.
5.0 mm Power Key Connectors (Wire-to-Board),


5mm Power Key Connectors
  • 5mm centerline pitch
  • WTB with PCB header
  • 4 colors: Natural, Yellow, Blue and Red
  • Audible sound and TPA provide complete loading of contacts
  • Lanceless contacts 
  • Locking levers surrounded by walls, protects levers and prevents tangling of wires
  • Higher mating height and connector
  • UL recognized and CSA certified
  • Glow Wire material


5mm Power Key Connectors
  • Gas appliances
  • Laundry machines 
  • Household appliances
  • HVAC systems
  • Power supplies
  • Fan modules
  • Lighting
  • Industrial controls

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