DIP (Dual Inline Package) and HOLTITE Sockets

Classic DIP Sockets and HOLTITE Sockets

Our large selection of DIP and HOLTITE sockets ranging from 1 to 48 contacts can provide a highly reliable connection between your integrated circuit (IC) devices and PCBs. TE offers DIP and HOLTITE sockets in a wide variety for high reliability. Positions range from 1 to 48, and termination options include through hole and surface mounting, solderless zero profile, four-finger inner contact and dual leaf contacts, as well as a variety of plating options.

Product Features

DIP Sockets
  • 1 to 48 positions
  • HOLTITE socket (solderless zero profile) is available
  • Precision four-finger inner contacts or dual leaf contacts are optional 
  • Open frame and closed frame housings
  • Available with a variety of plating options


Four-Fingered Contacts

Four-Fingered Contacts

Precision machined or stamped four-finger inner contacts with open or closed frame housings facilitate highly reliable DIP sockets.

Dual Leaf Contacts

Dual Leaf Contacts

Dual leaf contacts provide a cost effective solution to the DIP socket design with superior handling characteristics.

Zero Profile(HOLTITE)

Zero Profile(HOLTITE)

HOLTITE socket contact is designed to be press-fit into the plated-thru hole of a printed wiring board, offering the solderless zero profile by allowing the plated-thru hole to become the component socket. For DIP package components, the HOLTITE socket contacts on reel provide with disposable terminal carriers, which can be peeled away and disposed after assembly.