Connectors for USCAR30 Standards

Connectors for USCAR30 Standards

TE Connectivity's (TE) connectors for USCAR30 standards improve high-speed data transmission for infotainment applications, including displays, modules and USB connections. The connectors have the ability to bundle with up to 3 headers, creating less component placement during assembly and fewer PCB footprint areas. The high-speed connectors are compatible with industry accepted assemblies and mating plugs are easy to distinguish based on their coloring. The connectors are qualified to USB 2.0 requirements and operate at a temperature range of -40°C /+85°C (+105°C optional). The system supports USB as well as LVDS data rates and is compatible with the robust automotive environment.

Product Features

Connectors for USCAR30 Standards

TE's connectors for USCAR30 standards are a shielded connection system for USB 2.0 type protocols:

  • Ability to bundle up to 3 headers
  • Less component placement during assembly
  • Smaller PCB footprint area
  • Can be reflow soldered up to 260°C
  • No additional soldering process required
  • Mini B is protected from damage during mating and unmating
  • Compatible with industry accepted assemblies
  • Vehicle routing flexibility for aggressive packaging environments
  • Mating plugs are easy to distinguish based on coloring

Standards and Compatibility

Connectors for USCAR30 Standards
  • Parts compatible with USB 2.0, SAE/USCAR and LVDS (limited)
  • GMW3191 (only extracts)
  • TE product specification: 108-94286
  • TE application specification: 114-94128


Qualified to standard USB 2.0 requirements.


Temp. range of -40°C /+85°C (+105°C optional).


Connectors for USCAR30 Standards
  • Displays
  • Gateway modules
  • USB connections
  • Rear seat display
  • Rear seat entertainment