IEEE 1394 Connectors

Peripheral Mastery

The IEEE 1394 connector series is capable of accommodating data rates up to 400 megabytes per second for serial transmission—consists of six-position connectors (for connections of computers to peripherals), and four-position connectors (for connections of digital AV equipment. We offer a screw thread size of M1.6 and two types of headers: dual inline package (DIP) and surface-mount technology (SMT). These four-position connectors help us manage a wide range of device designs and are suitable for DVD, set-top box, etc. The cable assemblies are also available with four-position to four-position type, for connection of AV equipment; four-positions to six-positions of transition type, for connections of PC and AV equipment; and six-position to six-position type for connections of PC and peripherals.

Product Features

IEEE 1394 Connectors
  • Conforms to IEEE 1394 standard
  • Easy connections for plug and play devices
  • Available for wide range of connectors
  • DIP and SMT types available for PCB side
  • For 0.8mm and 1.6mm PC boards, M1.6 and M2.1 (4-position) panel mounting screw thread sizes
  • Use for automatic mounting machines with embossed tapes (4-position)


Data rates per second for PC to peripherals


Positions for transition cable assemblies


  • Cameras/camcorders
  • Printers/scanners
  • DVD players
  • Set-top boxes
  • Computer monitors
  • Audio/video receivers
  • Hard drives
  • Audio recording devices