Industrial Mini I/O Cable Assemblies

Unique solution: Time and space saving

TE’s Industrial Mini I/O cable connectors are only a quarter the size of the conventional RJ45 plug and as a result, provides space saving and the flexibility to use limited space on the PCB more effective.

Reliable, active latching. TE’s industrial mini I/O cable assemblies provide an space saving and reliable I/O solution, with an active latching device. The cable assembly is built for the stringent demands of an industrial and high vibration environment. Various cable versions are available, from protection within harsh environment to high flexible cable for use inside the cabinet.







Compact Design, Quick Termination
  • Small, compact size ( space savings )
  • Time-saving wire termination
  • Enables wire-to-wire 
  • Intermateable with receptacle of various configurations ( SMT, Right Angle,TMT )
  • Keying interface prevent mis-matching
  • DataSpeeed 1GIG


Automation and Control Systems
  • Industrial communications
  • Motion and drives
  • PLC's
  • Robotics