In-Line Battery Crimping Tool for SDE

Lightweight, Portable Crimping Power for SDE

TE lithium-ion battery-powered crimp tool kits provide completely portable crimping for our line of SDE (Standard Die Envelope) dies. Each battery tool kit includes a tool, two batteries and a charger in a rugged carrying case. Accessories for the battery tools include a replacement battery, charger and USB adapter module. The USB adapter module can be used to download crimp cycle information to a computer. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the kit is ideal for use at the bench, on the line or in the field. 3,500 lb. and 8,000 lb. models are available.


20 minute charging time


Crimps per charge (3,500 lb. tool)


Crimps per charge (8,000 lb. tool)


  • Max. wire size: 10 AWG (3,500 lb. tool), 4 AWG (8,000 lb. tool)
  • Crimps per Charge: 150 (3,500 lb. tool), 85 (8,000 lb. tool)
  • Pressure sensitive cycle control
  • Visual and audible warnings of an incomplete crimp
  • Information downloadable to a computer via optional USB adapter
  • Kit includes tool, two batteries, charger and case
  • 20-minute charging time
  1. Premium Portable Hand Tool Video (English)

This video informs that the portable tools are categorized into three levels: Premium, Commercial and Service. The higher the grade of the tool, the less operator skill is required to repeatedly meet the specified parameters of the crimp.


3,500 lb. and 8,000 lb. Battery Crimp Tools


Feature 3,500 lb. Tool 8,000 lb. Tool
Maximum Crimping Force 15.6 kn [1.75 ton] 35 kn 9 [4 Ton]
Average Crimping Time 2 sec 4 sec
Average Crimps Per Charge Approx. 150 Approx. 85
Length 254mm [10.00"] 337mm [13.25"]
Width 73mm [2.87"] 73mm [2.87"]
Depth 114mm [4.50'] 114mm [4.5"]


3,500 lb. Crimp Tool

  • PIDG Terminals and Splices
  • PLASTI-GRIP Terminals



8,000 lb. Crimp Tool

  • Terminals and Splices