CMP 5T/10T Servo Electric Machine

Built for Control and Quality

CMP Manual Electric Servo 5T and 10T presses are designed to insert compliant pin connectors into printed circuit boards. These machines are built with a rigid “H” frame to minimize deflection and equipped with an air bearing system that provides effortless press head positioning. The operator can manually adjust the press head and/or the PCB between connector press cycles, while a tool and connector database, and press sequence program, provides a fully data-driven press cycle. A wide range of insertion heads are available for both TE and non-TE products. Options for these machines include a bar code scanner, which provides fast PCB serial number entry; an air table option that assists the operator when positioning product under the press head; and a touchscreen monitor for enhanced machine operation.


Up to 10 Tons of Force
  • CMP-5T provides 5 tons of force; CMP-10T provides 10 tons of force
  • Board capacity of 610 x 915 mm [CMP-5T], 760 x 900mm [CMP-10T]
  • Computer controller; automatic setup — no adjustments
  • Speed, height and force control
  • Wide range of insertion heads for TE and non-TE products available
  • Insertion force monitoring optional


SPC on pressing force


H frame to minimize deflection

5 Ton

5 ton force for CMP-5T

Machine Options

Operator Assistance
  • Bar code scanner
  • Air table
  • Touchscreen monitor


  • Pin connectors
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)