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Particularly useful in confined spaces, our Raychem BPTM Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing can be used on both circular and rectangular copper or aluminium busbars. When heat is applied, the tubing shrinks snugly over the busbar profile ensuring that the required minimum wall thickness is obtained. The Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing can be installed easily during large-scale production using an oven, or in the field using a gas torch or hot air.

The Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing is manufactured from a non-halogen based polymer which has a high performance in high voltage environments and greatly reduces the noxious and corrosive effects in fire situations.

The use of this tubing allows equipment designers the freedom to reduce air spacing between bus bars, such as in the manufacture of switchgear cabinets where space is at a premium. The Busbar Tubing provides flashover protection up to 25kV.


Key Features

  • Exceptional insulation and long-term reliability even at continuously high operating temperatures
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Excellent anti-tracking properties
  • Flame retardant and halogen-free
  • Good thermal emissivity
  • Long shelf life and can be stored at temperatures up to 50°C without loss of performance
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • UL approved
  1. How to Install TE's Raychem BPTM

Watch our video to learn more about how to install our Busbar Insulation Tubing (BPTM).



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is TE's Raychem BPTM Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing part of the installation training schedule from TE?

Answer: Yes, our BPTM Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing is part of our Wildlife and Asset Protection Solutions training schedule. Learn more on


Question: What is Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing made of?

Answer: Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing is made of a specially-formulated thermoplastic polymer material that will shrink snugly over the busbar profile ensuring that the required minimum wall thickness is obtained. This material is non-halogen which has good performance in high voltage environments and reduces the noxious and corrosive effects in case of fire. 


Question: What are the main advantages of Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing?

Answer: Our Raychem Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing can be installed easily during large scale production using an oven, or in the field using a gas torch or hot air. BPTM tubing can be installed on both rectangular or circular busbar, on copper or aluminum.


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Material System  Polyolefin

  • Electrical Heat Shrink Tubing Technology  Heat Shrink

Configuration Features

  • Visual Inspection  No

Electrical Characteristics

  • Electrical Heat Shrink Tubing Voltage Class (kV) ≤ 25

Body Features

  • Color  Red


  • Diameter Supplied/Recovered (mm) 100 / 40, 120 / 50, 15 / 6, 175 / 70, 205 / 110, 235 / 130, 30 / 12, 50 / 20, 75 / 30

  • Diameter Supplied/Recovered (in) .59 / .24, 1.18 / .47, 1.97 / .79, 2.95 / 1.18, 3.94 / 1.58, 4.72 / 1.97, 6.89 / 2.76, 8.07 / 4.33, 9.25 / 5.12

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range (°C) 125


  • Equipment  Bus Bars

  • Energized Installation  No

  • Low Halogen  Yes

  • Application Type  OEM

Product Availability

  • Electrical Heat Shrink Tubing Product Availability  AMERICAS, ANZPAC, ASIA, China, EMEA

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-BPTM

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