High Voltage Cable Accessories

Easy Integration

Every high voltage cable connection point demands the ultimate in electrical performance, strength and reliability. You need your transmission and distribution networks to integrate the latest advances in materials science, physics, and manufacturing-advances that ensure reliable performance and lower your installation costs. For 60+ years, TE Connectivity (TE)'s Raychem product line has set the standard for innovation in accessories to fit virtually every power cable and enable flawless networks operation.

Product Benefits

High Voltage Cable Accessories
  • Flexible custom solutions
  • System reliability
  • Cost savings
  • Field application support
  • Range-taking products that fit any type or size cable and installed product 
  • Shear-off bolt technology for precise installation of connectors 
  • Separable switchgear and transformer terminations that replace oil-filled designs with a dry interface 
  • Flexible, compact cable joints that integrate electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing 


Cost Savings

Smaller products require less excavation for installation and generate $1000 per meter of savings for customers.

Full Line of High Voltage Cable Accessories

  • Outdoor Terminations
  • Dry Compact Switchgear Terminations
  • Dry Compact Transformer Terminations
  • Heat-Shrinkable Joints for Polymeric and MIND Cables 
  • Single-Piece and Three-Piece Joints 
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For more than 60 years, TE Connectivity's Raychem product line has stood for innovation in cable accessories. Today, the full range of high voltage cable accessories incorporate the latest advances in materials science, deliver reliable performance for your most critical applications and install in 30-50% less time than the alternatives.

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