KISSLING Inductive Proximity Switches

Inductive proximity switches are also called magnetic field sensors. They respond to the need to detect the proximity of metallic objects without contact in industrial, military, and medical equipment as well as in commercial and military vehicles for security purposes. Inductive proximity switches are using a magnetic or electromagnetic field to recognize metallic elements. Our KISSLING inductive proximity switches have all been specifically designed for mission-critical applications, provide both reliable and consistent switching behavior under the harshest conditions and offer excellent hysteresis and reproducibility values over the entire rated temperature range.

KISSLING Inductive Switches

Our inductive switches are all enclosed steel or thermoplast housings and sealed in accordance with the IP67 standard. Our broad selection of proximity switches includes multiple switching configurations (PNP/NPN/AC; NO/NC/Antivalent/NAMUR), special models for extended operating temperature ranges or extended life cycles, various electrical connection types, a number of different housing forms and thread sizes for mounting (M8/M12/M18/M30) and actuator geometries. 


Because of their reliability, our KISSLING inductive switches are used in various applications, including industrial and medical equipment, commercial and military motor vehicles and marine application.


Of maximum countinuous load


Maximum environmental operating temperature


Of pressure capability (special models)


LK Series Inductive Switches

  • Multiple circuit designs available (PNP/NPN/AC; NO/NC/Antivalent)
  • Various housing forms and thread sizes for mounting (M12 / M18)
  • Flying leads and standard connectors available
  • Max continuous load up to 200 mA (model dependent)
  • Switching hysteresis less than 0.2 mm and reproduceability under 0.01 mm
  • Additional magnetic field sensor available
  • Extended temperature range: -40ºC to +100ºC
  • Special salt- and seawater resistant types for marine applications